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The Bierstadt is our 4-person steam, barrel sauna. The barrel design is practical, sturdy, stylish, and allows for maximum heat circulation. In a barrel-shaped sauna, the heat gets circulated back down along the curved walls instead of pooling near the top, this creates a constant flow of evenly distributed heat throughout the sauna. 

The Bierstadt is constructed using rustic cedar. The lumber is thick and insulating, making it the perfect sauna for outdoor (or indoor) use.

Item: AHBRL66WF (Rustic Fir), AHBRL66RU (Rustic Cedar), AHBRL66RC (Clear Cedar)
Capacity: 4 Persons
Tempered glass door with long handle (stainless steel on the outside, wooden on the inside)
Heater Size: 6kW, 220V, 30-amp requirement, hardwire connect
Assembled Size: 72″W x 72″D x 77″H
Interior Room Size: 71″W x 64″D x 71″H
Bench Dimensions: 18″W x 64″L x 17″H
Shipping Weight: 715 lbs
Shipping Size: 74″L x 41″W x 52″H
Note: All dimensions are approximate


Health Mate’s patented dual wave Tecoloy mid and far-infrared heaters provide high-density heat, much safer than other infrared sauna heaters out there. Included are state of the art near-infrared LED panels that provide users with a safe, reliable, and comforting solution when looking for a full spectrum infrared sauna.


  • One of the most convincing reasons to purchase a Health Mate sauna is the natural pain relief obtained with our patented Tecoloy™ heating technology.
  • Health Mate infrared saunas aid in the elimination of pesticides, metals and other toxins in your body by using our patented Tecoloy™ heaters.
  • Infrared sauna use heats your body directly which in turn raises your core body temperature as your body absorbs the infrared heat. This boosts your cardiovascular, lymphatic and immune systems creating a fat based sweat to help your body detox.
  • A January 2009 study in Clinical Rheumatology showed that infrared saunas gave significant relief for patients with chronic pain (such as rheumatoid arthritis).
  • With a Health Mate infrared sauna you can naturally induce an artificial fever, similar to what your body does when infection strikes.
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